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How to Start Walking on Financial Waters: The Blakely Blueprint

How do I start a New Year, a New Day?  After another exhausting year behind us, we open our eyes with the intention of making this year different.  The question of how to start begins to set our intention to create new beginnings.  By asking that question, we start to fill with courage to embrace what lies ahead.  This courage is vividly illustrated in the biblical story of Peter in Matthew 14, where, amidst a storm, he steps out of the boat to walk on water towards Jesus. Like Peter, who faced the fearsome sea, Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, stood before her own daunting ocean when she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. With just a simple idea and $5,000 in savings, and without any background in fashion or business, Sara stepped out of her 'boat.' She embraced the risks, overcame her fears, and walked into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. Her story resonates with Peter's leap of faith - a leap that led her to immense financial success and empowerment.

Like Sara and Peter, many of us today face fears when it comes to pursuing our passions, especially in the financial realm. We are often exhausted from the many storms life has tossed us through. However, embracing our dreams and using our gifts can lead to significant financial benefits. Here are three key financial advantages of stepping into pursuing your dreams:

1. Diversification of Income Sources:

Venturing into new areas that align with our passions opens up opportunities for additional income streams. Whether it's starting a side business, investing in a project we believe in, or monetizing a skill, diversifying our income can provide financial stability and reduce dependence on a single source of income.

2. Increased Earning Potential:

Pursuing our passions often leads to a higher level of expertise and specialization. This expertise can translate into higher earning potential, through promotions, higher rates for our services, or better business opportunities.

3. Long-Term Financial Security:

Investing in our dreams often involves acquiring new skills, building networks, and possibly even creating assets. These resources can contribute to long-term financial security, generating income well into the future and adding to your overall net worth.

In every step towards financial empowerment and pursuing our passions, we may encounter fears and uncertainties, much like the stormy waves Peter faced. Yet, it's in taking that bold step forward, in spite of fear, that we begin to unlock our true potential. Every new day is an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and walk towards the fulfillment of our dreams, financial independence, and personal empowerment. Like Sara Blakely, and indeed like Peter, our journey starts with that first brave step out of the boat.

For this new year, this new day, are you ready to overcome your fears and be so excited to follow your passions that you also step out of the boat?

This article is my first step out of the boat. To each day, combine my over 25 years of financial knowledge with stories and actions steps to inspire you daily to build your confidence and courage to take your own first step.

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