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Hey there!

I'm Tricia Daniel

Speaker | Advisor | Founder
MBA w/ over 24 yrs in Finance & Accounting

"Your Someday is Today"

Tricia Daniel

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Overcoming the Shame of my Story to Share God's Plan for our Prosperity

Mother & Wife
Woman of Faith
Financial Clarity Advisor
Money Mindset Speaker

"Money Seeds that produce Harvest are not Thrown...They are Sown."


My story

After my parents divorced at the age of three, I began my journey of being raised in two very diverse socio-economic households.  With 4 uniquely different parents in a blended family of 5 sisters, I observed and experienced the struggles of each demographic that my two different households lived in.  This has provided me with a unique & diverse perspective of Money.   When my parents first were divorced, my father started taking my sister & I to breakfast every Saturday.  A tradition we still keep to this day.  Every Saturday, my father would teach us some type of financial literacy lesson drawing it out on a napkin.  So I grew up thinking that discussion about managing money was common in every family. 

It was not until after my divorce in 2007 and I became a single mother, that I realized the importance of all the lessons my father had taught me along with the realization not all women had this financial knowledge to stand on their own two feet.  Starting over again in 2013 as a single mother of two boys, I learned the importance of healing our money mindset when life changes.  It wasn’t until 2015 when I was laid off as an executive with no backup plan and depleted savings, that I learned the hard lessons of debt and the need for additional streams of passive income to ensure my money is working while I am sleeping.  It is why showing other women how they can become their own bank and eliminate their debt including their mortgage in 10 years or less is so important to me.  Now recently married with 4 bonus sons, I understand the importance of sharing my diverse financial knowledge with all of our 6 boys like my father did with me.  Teaching generations about financial literacy to transform their family legacy has become my passion. 

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Why choose Tricia?


Tricia Daniel is a Financial Literacy Speaker, Owner of Sown Financial LLC, Founder of the Starting Over Wealth Network, Podcast Host, Corporate Financial Controller, and MBA with a career of over 24 years in public accounting & corporate finance.  Tricia serves as the Co-President of the MotherBoard Society Oklahoma City Chapter and Treasurer of the Board for Dr. Zowee Shanks Ministries. 

Tricia Daniel is also a single mother who has started over twice financially after divorce, a woman who has conquered eliminating debt three times from different life events and an Executive laid off with no savings.  Her personal financial journey connects with other women’s feelings of shame, overwhelm and fear around overcoming financial stress.

Combining her professional financial experience, graduate education and lessons learned from her financial planner father, Tricia designed financial literacy steps and tools to stand on her own two feet financially after each life event.   Now through speaking, online courses, individual advisory services, podcasts and in her upcoming book, Tricia walks women through first uncovering layers of their money identity.  She then guides in realigning financial wisdom to design systems of eliminating debt while building financial legacies.  

As a mother of an autistic son, Tricia has an inspiring understanding of the influence every unique voice holds.  Tricia inspires women to also promise to use their voice to let go of shame as they change their financial legacy.  Knowing we are all women of influence, Tricia Daniel asks every woman in a room to stand and also promise their “Someday is today”.

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