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How to Wake up Financially Confident

How many of you would like to wake up Financially Confident?  I can feel your laughter at the question but also your tears knowing most wake up in a panic every morning checking their online banking praying to still have enough for the day.   

This is the Financial Confidence God meant for You to have every day.

Raising his cap into the air with a smile stretched across his face, is the moment my son knew that after 16 years he had achieved something that since the age of 3 felt impossible.  At 19 ½, my oldest son whom I refer to as My Inspiration earned his high school diploma, proving many wrong and proving to himself what the belief within yourself can do once you release it.

Have you ever felt that satisfaction from completing an achievement, a client project, a book, a job, an event that at times felt so hard you were on your knees in tears?  But then through Faith, you got back up and crossed one of the biggest stages in your life?  

Witnessing my oldest son cross his high school graduation stage, to my surprise not a tear fell but my heart jumped seeing a vision that at times felt impossible.  Struggling with verbal communication up until the age of 6 while navigating living between two parental homes and trying to fit into a school system not designed for his inspiring mind, I was witnessing how my son’s faith in himself to consistently get back up, prevailed no matter what tried to hold him captive. 

How can you prevail, get back up no matter what in life attempts to hold you captive?

It starts with complete Confidence

  • In Yourself

  • In Others

  • In a Greater Plan

  • In God

However, it's hard to know where to start sometimes in a world where we try to find confidence, especially financial confidence in outward things.  Through social media, movies, news reports, we are consistently told we do not have enough or we are not enough in this world.  Confidence is a feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something.   With our phone being the first thing our hands touch and our eyes see everyday, we usually spend the first moments of our day relying on what it says. 

But What If…. 

What if we relied on God first every morning?

What if our bibles were the first thing we reached for every morning?

What if we focused on who God created us to be every morning?

Having a firm belief you can rely on God first everyday in turn uncovers the firm confidence within yourself. When it comes to our finances, a firm belief we can rely on God first however is usually the last place we seek.  

Many of us have to admit, we have prayed to God to win the lottery feeling with absolute confidence it would solve ALL of our problems. In my 30’s as a single mother, this was a consistent prayer of mine.   I would beg God in prayer to save myself and my sons from the debt that was mounting after life kept changing suddenly.  For most of us the only time we turn to God is when the feelings of desperation are so overwhelming and situations so dire we feel there is no place else to turn. 

But What if…

What if we woke up every morning Financially Confident, because of our Faith that God will provide?

What if we repeated the following Affirmation each morning?

With my Money, my Business, the Financial Resources, God will give me today, I WILL..

Walk through FEAR

Armed with the ASSURANCE

Guided with INTENTION

Held with TRUST

God’s Financial HARVEST

This week, let’s begin to seek our financial confidence not by seeking the world first, but by seeking God first.  Let’s envision the money that He will entrust to us each day and proclaim over it how we will walk through any financial Fears with complete Assurance, confidence, because we are guided by God’s Word, His Intention of how to hold those resources in complete Trust of God’s future financial Harvest.

With Wealthy Blessings,



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