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The Starting Over Wealth Network is a community created for women starting over after divorce or death of a spouse. During a time that can feel isolating, this community helps women know they are not alone in beginning to stand on their own two feet again.  By understanding the community’s 6 pillars of wealth, women discover their seeds and replant themselves into rich soil to start to thrive again.


Don’t know where to start?


The Starting Over Wealth Network is designed to help you get the clarity, strategy, and skills you need to START OVER with the confidence to master your wealth!

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You were sown into RICH soil so you can THRIVE again!

As a single mom who has started over Twice myself, I will hold your hand every step of the way.  Using my over 23 years of professional money knowledge along with personal story of financial hardship to stand on my own two feet again, I will help you build your knowledge of wealth as you learn to thrive. 


You are NOT ALONE! You do not have to remain isolated and worrying about your finances. It's time to take your Wealth into YOUR hands!

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Starting Over Wealth Network

Join me for weekly chats to discuss money mindset, financial literacy, and  community. You will hear from me and other experts on how to transition into the new, wealthy you!

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into “Rich” Soil…. To Thrive again


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