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The Superwoman Burnout: How to Multiply our Financial Confidence

Ever feel like Superwoman?  

Do you feel like a cape is flowing behind you as you run around, wearing it like a badge of honor, that you can do anything?  When others notice ALL that you do, the many hats you juggle, the tasks you have on your daily plate, you smile in feeling acknowledged in your ability to do it all.  

Many of us, including myself, are raising our hands high while shaking our heads in a proud “YES, that is ME!”

However, inside you are crumbling under the pressure.  The smile on the outside is masking depression and anxiety on the inside.  You may feel like superwoman while running in different directions at the same time, but you also deeply know you are failing.  By doing so much, you are not consistently completing each task to the best of your abilities.  

You have Superwoman Burnout

“To do things while doing too many things means some things are not done well.”

In this quote I wrote for an article, I wanted to present the following question to the audience:

How can we multiply Financial Confidence by shifting our mindsets to focusing forward on one path with Consistency instead of looking to the side at many paths out of Scarcity?

Becoming a newlywed caregiver to my husband just one month after our blended family wedding while a mother of 2, bonus mother of 4, keynote speaker, podcast host, upcoming author, founder of a woman’s financial education business while also in year 26 of my corporate executive career, I share these feelings with you on a deeply personal level.  Being stubbornly independent since early childhood, I have stood stoically, with my hands on my hips, proud of being called superwoman by many around me.  I always felt it as a compliment, validating all the balls I have juggled in life.  Especially during the 15 years I was a single mother raising 2 sons, one who had a special needs diagnosis, I felt such pride when others complimented in awe of how I could do it all.  

However, you can probably feel my Superwoman Burnout because I know I feel it as you do.  Those feelings of pride and validation from other people’s compliments we’ve received become very temporary because they are surface level.   Deep down, we know we are tired of running in circles that have been taking us nowhere for years.  

It's time to shift from the scarcity of not feeling like enough to the consistency of one path.

Say this Affirmation with me…

I AM Walking with Consistency on the One Path ahead of me.

Not looking to the right or to the left.

Not running to the left and then to the right.

Not stopping to pick up what is behind.

With only one chapter in the Bible, the book of Jude is easy to jump over.  However, it contains a powerful message that stopped me this week, causing me to drop all the balls I’ve been juggling as my eyes shifted from looking up at those things to down at God’s Word.  

In Jude 1:2, I read in my three favorite translations the following:

“May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you” CSB

“Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.” NIV

“May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you [filling your heart with the spiritual well-being and serenity experienced by those who walk closely with God].” Amplified

Being a superwoman usually arises out of the need to provide financially for our families.  So to me the first word that jumped out to me was the word Multiply.  The original Biblical text for this verse uses the word plēthynō, meaning to be increased or to multiply.   As a single mother, I started juggling anything I could to financially provide for my sons, especially after I was suddenly laid off as a financial executive during a downturn in 2015.  Staying up until 3am working on growing a business to make ends meet, I often replied back to compliments about being superwoman with the words that ‘I did not have a choice’.  

Have you ever felt that?  Do you feel right now you also do not have a choice?  To provide financially for your family, you do not have a choice but to keep juggling daily as people look on in awe.  All the while you're trying to hide how your arms are shaking in exhaustion from the burnout.  

You are NOT alone.

I want you to feel those words and say it with me out loud.

I AM NOT Alone.

In Hebrews 13:6, we are reminded of the following:

“So we take comfort and are encouraged and confidently say, “The Lord is my Helper [in time of need], I will not be afraid. What will man do to me?” 

Find comfort and confidence in knowing God is our Helper.  He has promised to give us mercy, peace and love.  Not only has He promised this but He promised to multiply it for those who walk closely to Him.

When we are running to the right and to the left, we are running off God’s Path.  We are usually running away from His Plan to go manage the other plans we perceive are more important to better our lives, especially financially.  

This Week, let’s pause and ask ourselves the following questions:

Has running to the left or right multiplied anything in your life?

Has being the type of Superwoman who manages all the things multiplied your finances or overall wealth?

Jude 1:2 is reminding us that if we walk closely, stay focused, keep our hands holding God’s as we walk solely on His Path, God will fill our hearts with spiritual wealth, well-being.


“To do things while doing too many things means some things are not done well.”

This Week, let us focus on letting our capes fall to the left, as we begin to walk solely on God’s Path.  Sowing into every task not out of scarcity but with consistency cultivating multiplication in every ‘Well Done’.

Say this Affirmation more powerfully with me…

I AM Walking with Consistency

on God’s Path

with Focused Strength

of His Plan ahead of me.


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