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Tricia Daniel is not only a financial mastermind, but she has been there and done that--TWICE. After experiencing your own life change, dive into this show and become sown into the wealth network--into that rich soil to allow yourself to restart and thrive after life’s disruptions.


Tricia Daniel

I want to hear how you're starting over...

Do you have a powerful rebuilding story? Are you an expert in starting over with confidence?
Women are unique in their need to pivot after a major life change and then build a foundation to thrive. Whether experiencing a separation from their husband either from death or divorce, women often not only have the emotional impact to work through, but also a major disruption to their world financially.
From adjusting to navigating a new living situation to re-learning how to manage finances, how did you learn to stand on your own two feet? This podcast is intended to help women become unashamed and unafraid!! Become my guest on Starting Over Wealth The Podcast!
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