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How to Trust your Gut: Realizing its God

Ever get a gut feeling’? Thinking it is a random thought or something that makes no sense, it can feel hard sometimes to trust your Gut. Until you realize that butterfly feeling in your stomach, in your chest is actually God nudging you.

Sometimes God gives us a gut feeling, a nudge to do something random or something that appears impossible. That is when we take a deep breath to remember, that is not just a butterfly, gut feeling… that is God nudging me. God whispering to me to do something illogical, maybe impossible but then we feel our heart flutter knowing everything is possible with God. 

If God is making a Way for us to get there when logistically it appears impossible, it obviously is for a powerful reason beyond our own comprehension.  Like a new well filling full of water, that we never knew was beneath the surface. God is about quench the thirst, the needs of so many Women through the impossible.

Have you ever experienced that?  A situation that where common sense told you that was no way, but then the miracle, the unexplainable unfolds because God made a way?

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

When my dear friend, Priscilla Echave, asked me to speak at her event, I felt honored to come pour Kingdom Financial Wisdom into her community.  However, logistically it seemed impossible to speak on stage that particular Friday afternoon in Laguna.  Looking at my calendar, I was to be in Arkansas for the USA Track & Field Regional Junior Olympics to witness my son attempt to qualify for the national stage the next morning on Saturday..  

Thinking there was no way for me to say 'Yes', I told Priscilla that logistically it would be impossible for me to be there but mentioned for us to pray and see what God says..

Within one minute after sending that message, I received a voice memo from another friend in Alabama telling me about an event she felt I was supposed to be at.  It was the SAME Event, Priscilla’s Event in California.  

“Okay God… I hear you!” I thought.   I messaged my friend back in utter awe asking her to call me to try to comprehend the profoundness of her voice message.  She called and said she suddenly felt the nudge to message me even though she knew I was not traveling much due to my husband’s disability.  However… She was immediately obedient and it changed everything for me.

woman by beach taking selfie

Have you ever felt a nudge to do something, say something that you thought was crazy?  

Bigger question… Did you do it?

If Yes, Share it with me below!

There have been so many times I have dismissed that nudge God was trying to give me. Which I now understand is how many time each nudge could have been the change someone else had been praying for.  God was trying to use me each time just like He used my friend Michelle.

Still in awe from my conversation with Michelle, I talked to God about logistically how that would work. (Yes, I love feeling a back and forth dialog with God.).  I live in Oklahoma, a 5 hours drive away from my son's meet.  Then the download came and God showed me the perfect flight from Laguna Friday evening to fly overnight to land in Arkansas Saturday morning just in time for my son’s first race.

After I booked the flight, I sat in my car still in awe.  Then the song, “Make a Way” by Chandler Moore and Brandon  started playing in the car.  The feelings of awe shifted to pure gratitude.

God made a Way

He will make a Way for you too

No Matter how illogical or impossible it seems, 

He will make a Way.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

This week was full of hard news for my family around my husband's disability. However we chose to sit down to look for the new things God may be doing through these physical & financial hardships.


Being married to a Wealth Rebuilder, my husband knows that I'll be looking for the "streams in the wasteland" because I know that God is 'making a way".


In the hard times, we may not see the path hidden behind the brush in the wilderness. But sometimes we stop short of peering behind all the chaos to see the flowing resources waiting for each of us behind it.

This Week in the hard moments, when something appears impossible, refer back to the reading in this article and repeat Isaiah 43:19.

Take 10 long deep breaths to look behind the hardship, focus on God's Voice and see how God is Making a Way for you.

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